Asset Management

Gain from the latest, most optimal strategies

We specialise in building or uncovering investment opportunities across a range of asset classes and strategies for high net worth, retail and institutional investors. We do this by searching for, and partnering with, high quality investment management firms from across the globe; or we manufacture our own products in asset classes where we have in-house expertise.

Our Services

This philosophy drives us to find excellent fund managers who, while they may not be considered household names, will provide specific opportunities for clients who are looking to:

  • Gain exposure to exclusive investment ideas and Funds
  • Capture a range of opportunities over the long term
  • Diversify across investment styles
  • Leverage specialist investment knowledge
  • Diversify across asset classes
  • Efficiently manage risk and return
  • Diversify across securities and investment managers.

Investment Solutions

With discipline and rigour we search out the best funds management houses with the aim of connecting investors with the highest quality investment opportunities.

We leverage our experience and knowledge of the investment management industry to form relationships with investment professionals which will offer investors and clients access to a range of specialist opportunities across a diverse range of asset classes and investment products.

We achieve this in two key areas:

Access to multiple asset classes

We partner with investment firms around the world in order to gain access to high-quality asset management skills across all asset classes.

Building wealth in key business partners

Oreana Asset Management partners with key investment management firms where we can provide complementary services. Our role is to support them in growing their business. This allows them to remain focused on what they do best – creating quality investment outcomes for their clients.

Oreana Asset Management is a division of Oreana Financial Services Pty Ltd, an independent firm.

Our People

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