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Oreana Property Select are specialists in the property market, with particular experience in the Australian market and select Asian countries. Our expertise lies in identifying sound investment opportunities for investors looking to grow their wealth through direct property investment.

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Property Selection – Identifying and analysing opportunities to ensure they meet the objectives of our clients. We commit to offering you property investments that are sound, well priced and possess all the indicators to achieve a profitable return.

Financing – Referrals to banking partners required to build your to build your property investment portfolio.

Legal Advisors/Solicitors – Co-ordinating services to assist with the management of contracts, sale and settlement requirements.

Taxation – Referrals to appropriate professionals to provide advice suitable to your needs; what you need to be aware of in terms of rental income and future sale of the property.

After-Sales support – Referrals to property management, rental management and insurance providers.

Our property team will consult with you to understand your needs; and then apply a screening process to identify potential investment opportunities. We then assess a panel of shortlisted properties to see if they meet the selection criteria. This determines if a prospective property has all the factors required to achieve sound returns for the future.

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