Advice Partnerships

for Advisors

Oreana Advice Partnerships is a privately-owned Licensee with a vision to support Advisors in delivering an exceptional client experience whilst achieving real operational efficiencies in their businesses.

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Why partner with us?

  1. We are autonomous, have no product conflicts, and take no rebates or shelf fees.
  2. We have developed an advice framework that enables meaningful, relevant and timely advice with a common-sense approach to compliance.
  3. We have sourced market leading advice capabilities to support your business day to day
  4. We embrace technology to facilitate ‘real’ operational efficiencies in advice delivery and customer relationship management
  5. Our depth of research & investment capabilities across all products, asset classes and structures enable you to provide the best possible advice.
  6. Licensing that allows you to meet client needs in Australia and Asia


To discuss your options further, please contact:
Jonathan Christie
General Manager
Oreana Advice Partnerships