Omicron and new variants have been an ongoing risk through 2022. It is too soon to know the science behind the new variant. But each new wave and variant has impacted economics less as governments, households and companies have learned from the previous playbook. Isaac Poole and the team at Oreana Financial Services expect that will continue to be the case. Governments are likely to continue to move towards reopening although there will be an abundance of caution over the next two weeks. On the end of “transitory” per Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s “retirement” last week, Isaac says this has been a long time coming. The abruptness of the turnaround spooked markets a bit. Ultimately, Isaac thinks the Fed needs to let longer-dated real and nominal bond yields move higher. So why are government bonds still worth avoiding despite shaky markets? Here’s the take worth listening to. (Source: Ausbiz)

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