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Comprehensive solutions, from beginning to end

As information and opportunities flow between Asia and Australia with increasing freedom, there is a greater need for informed and knowledgeable advice with a global perspective. At Oreana Private Wealth we take that journey with our clients, ensuring their current needs and future aspirations are well planned for.

We specialise in delivering expert financial planning and investment solutions for local and expatriate clients.

Our advisors serve each of our clients by being attentive and working to understand their individual needs. They are focused on finding a balance between a client’s current financial situation and future objectives, and delivering appropriate investment choices.

What sets us apart:

Proven in-house expertise

Our team of advisors work closely with our research and investment experts, so together we can provide our clients’ with advice strategies that are based on a wealth of knowledge and capability.

Our due-diligence is thorough. We are methodical in the scrutiny we apply to our recommendations and strategies.

Professional and personal approach

Our experienced advisors are supported by access to market leading research, investment services and wealth management solutions, which combines to deliver the best possible service and options for our clients. Our advisors are open, practical, responsive, and approachable at every level.

Our team is also committed to professional development through ongoing education and training.

Research and technical support

A highly regarded research and technical support team is dedicated to ensuring our advisors maintain a high level understanding of legislation and investment markets. Our in-house research team also works closely with a range of market leading global research providers who provide additional technical and research support.

It is this expertise and research strength that underpins our recommendations. It enables us to construct investment portfolios to deliver on client objectives over the long-term.

Strategy and Modelling

Our advisors can assist you with strategic advice and financial modelling to help you compare your current financial situation with the outcomes that can be achieved through strategic financial advice – advice that can help you achieve your financial goals and plan for your retirement over time.

An Extensive Range of Investments

We offer clients access to an extensive range of investments that have been researched, approved and are regularly monitored. We aim to connect our clients with only the best products and services that are in their best interests and are fairly priced. We apply discipline and rigour in our analysis of markets, and with global access to traditional and non-traditional investment products, we can provide our clients with a wide spectrum of choices depending on their needs.

In summary, Oreana Private Wealth provides a solution for clients who want:

  • More control in managing risk and exposure to specific investment ideas, themes and strategies
  • Access to a broader range of investments
  • Creation of more sophisticated and bespoke portfolios
  • Asset allocation expertise
  • Investment opportunities and solutions that are not available elsewhere.


A journey for life… Oreana Private Wealth’s team of professionals can guide you every step of the way.

Our Services:

At the beginning of our journey with you, we will take the time to get to know you, your unique needs and goals to gain a thorough understanding of your current financial situation. This will involve helping you to understand your attitude to risk and to assist in developing your objectives. This may cover many areas, some of which may include:

  • Your future retirement funding needs
  • Strategies for building wealth for your family’s future
  • Saving for your children’s education
  • Restructuring and consolidating your finances
  • Managing your cash-flow and budget
  • Insuring your family against personal risks
  • Protecting your assets through trusts
  • Issues and strategies for expatriates
  • Estate planning and charitable giving


From here, our advice and research teams work together to design a financial plan to help build, protect and manage your wealth. This plan will step you through the strategies designed to maximise your current position and guide you through the investment options available to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

After a thorough client consultation process and discussion of the financial plan, we implement the advice we have provided in accordance with your specific requirements. This may also include referrals to other professional services such as legal and accounting.

The key to the long-term success of your financial plan is ongoing management. We commit to working with you over time to adapt your plan as your priorities shift and help you realise your goals along the way.

Your plan will show you how we, as your trusted partner, will monitor, review and safeguard your future, ensuring changes in the economy, legislation and your personal circumstances are considered and adjustments made where needed.

In essence your financial plan will incorporate the following key areas:

  • Investment Solutions
  • Wealth Protection
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning 

Specialist Expatriate Services

If you are on an expatriate assignment in Asia, you may experience a significant change in your tax and financial position. There can be numerous benefits such as lower taxes or increased remuneration. If you are interested in maximising the financial benefits of your employment, then our advisors have the experience to help you enhance your wealth whilst overseas, along with access to other specialist advisors such as expatriate tax advisors.

Oreana Private Wealth can assist you with:

  • Advice regarding loans and existing assets
  • Financial planning and wealth creation strategies
  • Understanding expat tax and its impact on your retirement funds
  • Protection – for you and your family
  • Estate planning – Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Repatriation planning.

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